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Vice-Dean for Student Affairs

Dr. hab. Marta Michalik

phone: +48 12 664 60 01

Professor Marta Michalik graduated from the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences, obtaining an MSc in biology, with specialization in biochemistry, and completed a PhD programme in molecular biology. She became a doctor of natural science and a habilitated doctor of biology. Since the beginning of her university career she has been a member of the Department of Cell Biology, initially of the Institute of Molecular Biology and at present of the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology. 

Her research focuses on, among other areas, the biology of ordinary human and animal cells in various pathological states, with a special consideration given to the mechanisms of a phenotypic transformation of fibroblasts into miofibroblasts in the context of the pathogenesis of asthma. She is also interested in the mechanisms of cancer transformations and the impact of newly isolated plant compounds on various types of cancer cells. She published 45 original papers, 10 review papers and more than 70 conference communiqués. 

At the university level professor Marta Michalik participated in, among other committees, the Standing Committee for the Bologna Process (2003–2006), the Standing Rector’s Committee for Educational Programmes and the Development of Teaching (2006–2008), the University Committee for the Quality of Teaching (2009–2012) and the University Committee for the Improvement of  Teaching Quality (2012-2016). On a number of occasions she was the secretary of the Faculty Admissions Committee. Also she served as the rector’s proxy for student evaluation forms at the Faculty of Biochemistry, Biophysics and Biotechnology (2006–2009) and the head of the Faculty Team of Improving the Quality of Teaching (2012–2016). She received the Rector’s Award for Outstanding Achievements in Teaching and Research several times.