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Molecular Biotechnology is a study programme leading to a degree of Magister (equivalent of master’s degree). Students are required to collect 30 ECTS credits for each semester, i.e. a total of 120 ECTS credits for the whole programme (the updated programme is available HERE).

At the end of the programme students will write a diploma dissertation, which should give an account of  the results of their research. The research results shall be presented during a Faculty seminar for degree candidates (a short oral presentation), and the thesis will be evaluated by the reviewers and subsequently defended at the diploma examination, when students are expected to answer questions related to  all areas of knowledge and expertise covered by the "Molecular Biotechnology" programme of studies.

For the purpose of recruitment, the Jagiellonian University uses the ERK (Electronic Registration of Candidates) system. More information about the recruitment procedures, recruitment dates and a list of documents required in the recruitment processes is available on

Candidates interested in Molecular Biotechnology studies should apply through the electronic application system. Each candidate is given a login and password in the ERK system and enters personal data required in the recruitment process. Candidates are notified via the ERK system about the entrance exam date and results. Candidates have full liability for the data entered into the system.


Candidates are expected to have:
  • at least a BSc degree (or an equivalent, usually awarded after three years of university studies)
  • a good command of English, at least on a CAE level B (the candidates whose mother tongue is English, or those who received a degree from a college or university which offers all programmes in English only need not to provide any certificate of their command of the English language.

Ranking list

Interview conducted in English, graded on the scale of 0–100 points, that verifies: knowledge in the field of biological sciences, fluency in English, including technical vocabulary in the fields of biology and chemistry, candidate’s aptitude and motivation to study the chosen field.

Registration and tuition fees

Registration fee:

  • 85 PLN/20 EUR/22 USD

Tuition fee:

Tuition fee for foreigners:

  • for the first year: 17 000 PLN (approx. 4 500 USD)
  • for the second year: 17 000 PLN (approx. 4 500 USD)

Tuition is paid in the amount for one semester, no later than by the first day of classes

Tuition fee for Polish citizens:

  • for the first year: 8 500 PLN (approx. 2 250 USD)
  • for the second year: 8 500 PLN (approx. 2 250 USD)